12-week weight loss programme (£90)

Do you have a fitness goal that you want to reach?

Need some help losing weight and developing long lasting, sustainable healthy habits?

Want someone to keep you accountable to your weight loss journey?

What is the 12-week weight loss programme?

The 12 week weight loss plan by 1SportsNutrition is a programme designed to help you lose up to 6kg and develop sustainable exercise and eating habits for your use going forward. 

This programme has been developed following top weight loss protocols that promote a sustainable weight loss, rather than following ‘fad diets’ or using unsustainable methods for fast weight loss which are not healthy or advantageous. This method aims for a 0.5kg weight loss per week which has been shown to be a safe and effective long term rate of weight loss. 

This 12-week programme will NOT deprive you of foods you enjoy or starve you. It will not have you exercising hours every day, fasting for hours on end or only eating salad. Everything recommended for you will be in your reach and can be easily achieved, ensuring motivation throughout the 12-weeks.

What do you get in the programme?

The 12 week weight loss programme includes a variety of nutritional support tools as well as plans developed specifically for you and addresses your individual needs. When you purchase the 12 week programme, you will receive the following: 

  • A food nutrition plan: This includes a set example meal plan to follow which includes foods you like and enjoy to eat, which uses scientifically backed calculations to establish the required macronutrients for you. The meal plan will be divided into different meals with different macronutrients specifically set at different times to support your exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle. The meal plan is flexible meaning that you have the option to include different foods should they still fit the set macronutrients provided. This will be updated on a weekly basis (should it be required) to address your changing demands and changes in desired foods.
  • A supplement plan: Supplements should be used in accordance with a healthy diet and lifestyle, and should not be a replacement for an inadequate diet. The 12-week programme will provide you with a set supplement plan, specific to you and your needs with your health and wellbeing as the top priority. This can be changed during the course of your plan should it be required.
  • An exercise programme: This includes a weekly plan including the exercise type and duration of exercise to promote sustainable weight loss. This will include the types of exercise you enjoy and will be bespoke to you, promoting a healthy, active and enjoyable exercise lifestyle. Exercise should be something that you enjoy doing, and with so many types of exercise out there, it’s about finding out what works for you. This will be updated on a weekly basis (should it be required) to address your changing demands.
  • Continuous support and frequent communication: This includes email support and whatsapp support whenever you need it. Any questions you have or anything we can do to support you further, all you have to do is ask and we will do our best to support your needs. 
  • Information on various nutrition topics: You will have access to a variety of information guides addressing topics relating to nutrition and hydration to help provide you with a better understanding of nutritional principles. 1SportsNutrition believes in providing clients a deep understanding of why they are doing something instead of just advising without explanation. Being able to teach individuals about how to implement a healthy and active lifestyle during the 12-week weight loss programme will be vital in helping establish healthy habits and routines moving forward. 

How does the 12-programme plan work? 

Once you have purchased the programme, you will be sent some assessment files and questionnaires to fill in so I am able to get to know you and your needs. This will need to be completed via google drive before any plan can be developed. 

Once completed, your first week plan will be developed within 3 days and provided to you on the next thursday. For example, if you return the assessment files on Friday-Monday, they will be returned on Thursday. However, if you return them on Tuesday-Thursday, they will be made available to you the FOLLOWING Thursday.


Thursday is the weekly check in day where we will discuss the best adjustments to make moving forwards. Each week on a Thursday morning, you will be sent the check-in questionnaire and will be asked to input your weight onto your weight tracking document. This will ensure that I am able to assess your progress and adapt your plan accordingly to be made available to you the following day for you to follow the next week. Therefore, it is essential that you return the check-in document as soon as possible to ensure I can get your plan updated for the following day. 


Where is this 12-week programme different from most other plans?

1SportsNutrition believes in individuality of nutrition. Each person is their own human being and has their own specific needs and physiology, meaning that following a generic plan may not be suitable for everyone. 1SportsNutrition prides itself on bespoke plans, working with each individual to establish how best to support them on their exercise and nutritional journey to reach their goals. We DO NOT provide general plans, meaning each plan purchased will be independent from any other plan made.

Who is the 12-week weight loss programme suitable for?

This plan is suitable for any individual regardless of their level of physical activity, gender, geographical location or exercise experience. 1SportsNutrition is devoted to helping individuals of all backgrounds reach their goals no matter how big or small. We want to help you become the best version of yourself. 

However, this plan may not be suitable for those individuals involved in a weight class sport and need to cut weight to reach a certain weight class. These individuals will be more suited to a bespoke plan tailored specifically for this, and are advised to get in touch with us directly here so we can discuss how to help you reach your goal.

How much does the 12-week weight loss programme cost?

The 12-week weight loss programme costs £90 which can either be payed in one full amount or in 3 monthly instalments of £30. That works out at roughly £1 a day, providing you with a plan of what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it and an exercise plan for you to stick to ensuring sustainable weight loss. All aspects of your diet and lifestyle will be programmed accordingly for you, all you have to do is follow the plan. To take action, contact us via the button below.

Want a sample of what you will receive in the programme?

Or simply want more information on how we can help you?

No problem! Please contact us via the contact page or directly at contact.1sportsnutrition@gmail.com to find out more.